It is not a less-known fact that ‘future lies in the hands of our children’. A child's corporal, scholarly, emotional and societal development is at the most crucial stage of life, at his early childhood. Perceptual and physical abilities progress at an astounding rate from birth to age six. This is also the time when most of life’s learning happens for any individual. It is now, when the child needs high-quality personal care and rich learning experiences. The kind of adult our child will become is directly proportional to his emotional, social and physical development. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important.

The foundation of Maria Montessori's approach is, respect for the child as a worthy individual, occupied with the task of developing himself into a mature human adult. It was her observation that a child needs independence for self-confidence as an adequate person, for control over his own impulses and emotions, and a natural curiosity and desire to learn. These are not just lessons for the classrooms but lessons for life, which are of immediate relevance. They empower individuals to achieve a just society in which all rights of a people are valued and respected.

Providing quality education to our children to help build at least a part of strong foundation for mankind has always been my dream. I am grateful to the Almighty to have bestowed me with such an opportunity of being in a position to lead the change.

Yours Humbly,
Pinky Nagpal

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