Toddlers Program 15 months to 18 months
Play Group 18 months to 2 years
Pre-Nursery 2 years to 3 years
Nursery-Kindergarten 3 years
Day Care Under the supervision of senior and trained day-care teachers (upto 12 hrs)

What the days at Growing Steps look like?

A sneak peek into the activities for Toddlers and Toddler Makeshift-ers-

  • Creating art with the help of crayons and clay.
  • Developing and maintaining etiquettes and table manners.
  • Focussing on human values, character building and mutual respect.
  • Building social skills with other children while indulging in interesting activities.
  • Playing in real life play-areas, that are a part of the school's infrastructure.
  • Getting involved in rhyme and music learning.
  • Creating interest in counting and identifying numbers using various unique ideas.
  • Learning the basic words in English dictionary.
  • Understanding the differences in sizes and volumes.
  • Arranging and collating objects on the basis of the uniformity of their colours, sizes, shapes etc.
  • Gaining the ability to have better control over bodies and hands.
  • Expressing different emotions effectively with the help of communication during diverse times.
  • Building an intense interest towards words through communication and reading books interactively.
  • Exploring writing with doodle and scribbling.
  • Memorizing and retaining the location of objects, like a specific book or toy.

For Play Group and Kindergarten-ers-

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