Anshul Goel, an IIT-Delhi alumni came to realise the importance of impactful education when his parents decided to shift him to Delhi Public School (RK Puram) from Jind, a small city in the heart of Haryana. Immediately before the shift, Anshul had topped his district in the Matriculation board exams.

An adolescent Anshul, in a brand new environment, noticed the influence of modernism and exposure on his new fellow batch mates. While his acumen matched theirs, there was a strong inequality in personality traits. Books, he learnt, needed to be balanced with experience of the outer world for complete progression of one’s persona. He was greatly influenced by Dr. Shyama Chona, the then principal of DPS RK Puram, who is a pioneer in the education industry. Her positive aura and powerful personality is valued by Anshul till-date. Also, he was impressed by how every child in the school was treated without any bias, irrespective of their cultural background.

As a quick and smart hold on things around made Anshul a part of the urban crowd sooner than soon, the basis of his dream to build and administer a school was formed. However, the real impetus to practically implement on this dream came upon the arrival of his daughter Aaradhya in his life. Now two years of age, Aaradhya is going to be the first student of Growing Steps.

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