Dear Families and Friends,

As we all stepped into year 2017, I heard people around repeating the age-old idiom – How time flies! Strangely I wasn’t feeling the same way this time around and I am glad to report that.

You know how routine makes time go faster, while unique and memorable events seem to slow down time? Each day with these little ones has been so unusual, joyful, overwhelming, fulfilling and rewarding, that the Growing Steps family seems to be living longer, or at least it feels so!

I’ve observed how the teachers have developed bird-like watchful characters, as they keep a check on each child while moving around from one to another. Days and months went by as we spent time thinking about the most suitable learning approach for each child.

What are they doing now? What talent comes naturally to them? What will they be interested in next? What new should we bring to the classrooms, and how? - such are a few of the many questions we assess on a regular basis. Sometimes the answers are good for a majority of children, other times only for one. But all in all, I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve been successful in bringing a lot of mental stimulation, growth, and most importantly, a smile on our children’s faces.

If I had to sum up my experiences and little joys at Growing Steps, I’d put instances like these in the picture –

  • Noticing the very children who were crying little bunnies in the first few weeks of their admission, not wanting to take any holidays now!
  • Observing the gleam on their faces each time they create something new, or learn a new talent.
  • Receiving notes of gratitude from concerned parents and their unique ideas for the betterment of the school.
  • Also, taking in each festival with a celebratory, not to forget, secular spirit.

A Note of Thanks

I started the journey of Growing Steps with a clear objective of providing a lasting education on an unknown path. As the team increased, they became my second family – people with whom I could share this dream. Words can’t express the appreciation I have for them. Great going folks!

Lastly, I’d like to extend an ocean of thankfulness to the parents who have been compassionate and patient towards the creative community building of our Montessori preschool. Thank-you for your contributions!

I look forward to spending the rest of the year enjoying my time with your children and with you. We, at Growing Steps, assure you that you have made a wonderfully informed and educated choice for your child’s learning.

Kind regards,
Anshul Goel

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